Friday, May 23, 2014


This blog is starting to look like my old journal.

"January 1, 2012 - Really excited about this new year and all that it holds."

"March 24, 2012 - So, haven't written for over two months. I'm terrible at journaling."

"August 18, 2012 - I really am a terrible person to keep a journal."

"December 25, 2012- WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER."


....I think my journal was updated more frequently.

I don't know quite why I never sit down and clank out a post or two on a more regular basis. I have plenty of time and goodness knows plenty of inspiration.

I've also read enough miscellaneous blogs in the past few days to be ashamed of blogging and writers and the internet and people in general. Yikes, ya'll. Give a person a blog and suddenly they know everything about everything. I found very few to have a tone that was worth reading, that felt like they truly cared. Instead, I envisioned a person at a decrepit computer in a dark basement, sipping on a lukewarm cup of coffee, musing on the greater realities of life without ever tasting true life.

In all honesty, I will admit to being afraid of being that person.

Maybe that's why I don't write more often.

I believe what I believe - passionately. I have big dreams and deep wells of thought and a love for other people, but I'm not so vain as to think you need to read all about it. My very first blog post established that my blog would never be a personal journal, and I'll keep it that way, thank you kindly.

But how can I write and be compelling? How can my words bring truth and light and healing while standing on a firm and unshakeable truth?

Because...what are my words worth if they don't speak truth?

This pursuit is at the core of why I write and the reason why I even started a blog at all. To speak truth and to compel - propel, even - towards the light of God's truth. Nevertheless, I fear the tone of the arrogant, the rank stench of self-promotion...because I know that's my foolish sinner's heart at its core.

In spite of myself (because isn't that just how the sovereignty of God works?), my prayer is that God gives me the grace to "speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ" (Ephesians 4:15).

Will you join me?

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